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noun: wellness

    1    the condition of good physical and mental health, especially when properly maintained.

What is Wellness, Really ???

Not a bad question to ask yourself, especially when we are inundated with so many definitions of what “wellness” actually means.   The definition above is from my American Heritage College that I’ve had since 1993, and I’ve always been pleased with it’s clarity.  If you look up wellness online, it is defined as “a state of being healthy, especially as an actively pursued goal.”  

In this wing of Blackbird Bakery, I will be exploring what it really means to be well and what it really means to possess wellness.  I will be exploring some really beautiful avenues of thought, interviewing people that really inspire me, and I will be looking to cultures from all over the world to see where our ideas overlap and where they differ.  

For me personally, wellness is absolutely about a healthy diet and a healthy mind which translated to a very healthy body. How this is achieved is another story, and that is the journey we will be embarking on. So join me, as I travel the world from my humble desktop to uncover the gifts of spirituality, cooking, baking and living to our greatest potential.

In the meantime, if you have any themes you’d like to see covered here, please submit a request.  Together, we can make living gluten-free better than what came before.  

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