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About Blackbird Bakery

by Karen Morgan

Blackbird Bakery was founded in 2008 with one very practical, and some would say, very romantic destination in mind: to make gluten-free better than what came before.

Practically speaking, kind of a daunting task, but the heart on my sleeve couldn't help but dash in headlong. My journey has been far from seamless, but I tackled what I see as the biggest problem in gluten-free baking today, and that is the flour. Nothing I was buying was working the way it said it would, and this deeply frustrated me.

The good news was, I knew that if I felt that way, I knew there were countless others like me. So I decided to ignore what everyone else was doing, and spent seven years revolutionizing my approach to gluten-free baking and cooking.

Have you ever noticed that most, if not all, of the flours you have bought claimed they were all-purpose, but were really only good at making a couple of things? That's because there is no such thing as an all purpose gluten-free flour.

I discovered that if you create a flour blend for each section of baking and cooking, then you get remarkable results; each of these blends can make thousands of recipes gluten-free, not just the recipe on the back of the bag.

photo by Knoxy

when life gives you lemons, make gluten-free lemon meringue pie.

-karen morgan

Take for for example, the Pancake & Biscuit Blend. This blend was engineered for all manner of quick breads: pancakes, biscuits, blinis, scones, crepes, waffles, and even cornbread. Straight down the line, each blend functions the same way: Donut & Fritter Blend is for fried foods, while the Cookie Jar Blend is for any kind of cookie or bar. You with me? Cool, right??? Savory or sweet, now you can literally make anything gluten-free.

Even though this is a really great step in the right direction, I, unfortunately, cannot change the density of the ingredients I use, so you will need to make one concession.

My flour weighs less than traditional AP flour, so be sure you have a scale handy to measure out 120g. for every cup of AP flour you are substituting. You can use my flour for your own recipes, recipes you find online (be sure to check out my weekly recipe hack!) or you can enjoy the recipes that I’ve created over the years right here.

Another thing you will notice about the Blackbird Bakery Flour Blend line is the fact that we focus on nutrition as much as the quality of the finished product. Each blend is 100% gluten-free, soy-free, nut free, dairy free, egg free, and xanthan gum free. I also use a magical combination of millet, sorghum, and guar gum to provide you with the greatest amount of protein and mineral content possible, so you are getting more of what your body needs and less of what you don't. We are also in the process of obtaining our NON-GMO and Vegan certification because I am certain that it is the combination of genetic engineering and the massive amounts of pesticides used to grow these crops that created our intolerance to gluten. And the power of plants is undeniable.

Having lived and worked as a gluten-free baker for over 15 years, which included running a retail bakery for two of them, my greatest joy all these years has come from educating my customers. Be it through my cookbooks, or in person, nothing inspires me more than witnessing how powerfully people can transform their lives by choosing to go gluten-free.

The world is changing y'all. It has changed and we must change with it in order to live to our fullest potential. Now, more than ever, I encourage everyone to honor the power of their intuition and allow it to navigate your way through life. Our bodies are the vehicles for our minds. To cultivate our minds, we must take care of our bodies. Taking care of the body begins with "going with that gut feeling" and ditching gluten is the magical first step towards whole body wellness.

photo by Kate Zimmerman

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